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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok so im gonna be the "skycaptain" part of this blog :) My friend kon decided to make his idea of a partner-based-i-dont-know-how-else-to-call-it blog true so i was happy to accept the invitation :P

Tomorrow is a big day for me and kon... And for other people i guess... Because tomorrow we have our maths exaaaaaam...Although most people are familiar with what a maths exam involves i will try to make a description of it in a few words.
A math exams consists of a mix of theory based questions and exercises. however, according to murphy's law, if sthg has the potential of going straight to hell, it will. This means that the theory will be parts that we havent studied and therefore we cant write and that the exercises will be impossible to solve no matter how hard we stare at the paper :)

Good night and good luck (lets also say our prayer tonight too..who knows.. miracles can happen)


°•. -=« k o n™» =- .•° said...

WeeeeEEeeelcome Aboard " Captain "


°•. -=« k o n™» =- .•° said...

Let Me rephrase that explanation of yours..

A Math exam involves a mix of Black and White [mostly black] chubby,fat DICKS, and hardcore sex exercises, where the dicks [each one of them] FUCK their way UP to your brain in order to cause the known MINDFUCK !

stavr0ula_skycaptain said...

lol i was just trying to put it in a nice way but i guess ur explanation is meeting reality in a better way than mine... o_O