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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mindfucking 101: Creeping around

I found today a way to fuck with dumb naive blonde chicks.
Apparently all u have to do is walk behind them with your hoodie on, your one hand in your pocket and considering all this takes place at night, the outcome will be hilarious!

Results may vary depending on the amount of movies the chick have watched.

1)First thing she will acknowledge your presence, and suddenly the scene will be like the shit u watch on Discovery channel. You know, watching a deer realizing its gonna die horribly by that set of sharp claws coming right on its face.

2)After that, the purse. Protect the purse! You know, that move where u change the position of the purse/bag to a more "secure" place. Like if i was gonna steal ur ass, 2 inches to the left would prevent me from doing so.

3)Next, backup! Tell ur friend next to u to watch out. "A maniac is following us, oh god have mercy" Prepare yourself not to burst with laughs cuz steps 1&2 are about to repeat!

Watch them change sidewalk faster than a junkie trying to lose a cop
Yeah bitch, imma rob ur dumb ass 8:40 in the afternoon with the CENTRAL police station lurking around the corner and over 30 eye witnesses at the place.Yeah, u better run!

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