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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Story..

- Rosebleed -
- A Story -

Where is she?
She s lost in the crowd
And in agony her tears falling down
But her fantasy
Is something she can not control

Where is he?
he aint goin to break
he is strong you see
or at least he believes so
but probably this scene 's goin to find him in tears

You re heart is a loaded gun
but you call yourself a friend
oh i guess you re just fucked up
all i see now is the end...

oh where are we?
we aint goin to stop
our dreams are all lost
now its just you and me and that bruised love of ours

*btw, οι μαγκες γαμανε, τσεκ δεμ αουτ*

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