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Friday, March 14, 2008

Tony Benn - SiCKO - About Democracy

RiPPeD n' uPLoaDeD By eLBaRTo

See, I think there are two ways
in which people are controlled.

First of all, frighten people,
and secondly, demoralize them.

An educated, healthy and confident
nation is harder to govern.

And I think there's an element
in the thinking of some people:

"We don't want people to be
educated, healthy and confident,

because they would get out of control."

The top 1 % of the world's population
own 80% of the world's wealth.

It's incredible that people put up with it,
but they're poor,

they're demoralized, they're frightened.

And therefore, they think
perhaps the safest thing to do

is to take orders and hope for the best.
Tony Benn - SiCKo

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